The options below are being lovingly offered on an honor system. If you are able, please consider paying the full registration price in support of others who can't. Click on your price choice below to register today and secure your seat!

A Special Invitation During COVID-19​​

Kim is currently offering a series of five-week virtual retreats (available on a sliding fee scale) for those who choose to be pro-active with the unanticipated "found time" many of us are experiencing due to COVID-19.  If you are someone who prefers not to focus on fear, feelings of isolation or playing the part of a victim to all that's happening... she welcomes you to become part of "the unbridled herd" by participating in one or more of these retreats!

The next five-week opportunity being offered as part of Retreating into Responsibility, Reflection and Rebirth is:

Pandemic Times Special Offer!
The normal investment for this type of program is: 
$650 US (paid in full)

In the spirit of community support and giving back during this very challenging time, Kim is asking registrants for this retreat to simply pay what you can. The available registration options are below and begin with a $50 suggested minimum in order to cover Kim's direct administrative costs. Payments may be made via Stripe or PayPal.

Better Boundary Setting for a Relentless Reality

August 1st - September 6th, 2020

It's never been more obvious that we are in the midst of a massive Universal shifting.

The punches just keep coming.

Everyone is tired.

So many are scared.

Anger is everywhere. 

The pain is profound.

Our bodies and minds are at (or approaching) their limits. It's time to reinforce the boundaries between the peace that remains within us and the madness surrounding us. We each have within us the capacity to hold a sacred space of healing, centering and grounding. But like all sacred spaces, it must be sheltered. Protected. 

The relentless and destructive winds and waves of change are necessary at times. This is one of those times. Those of us who want to survive and be prepared to flourish on the other side must take intentional action to protect our mental and emotional wellbeing. We cannot let it be swept away, buried, trampled or drowned.

I invite you to join me and an intimate soul-herd of likeminded others for five weeks of communal virtual learning and healing. Together we will build and fortify better boundaries so that our hearts and souls may stay intact during the long haul ahead.

Together we will lead the way forward to a bold new future.

Your Investment Includes:

  • Downloadable weekly lesson materials and experiential activities for maximized learning
  • At least 60 minutes of live group facilitation per week via Zoom
  • Recordings of all five group Zoom sessions​
  • Real time support from Kim and your peers through a private Facebook Group 

Core Elements of the Retreat:

1) The retreat experience will be hosted through an online classroom with weekly reflection exercises and experiential activities you can complete at home.

2) You will be encouraged to share insights and engage with your peers using a dynamic discussion thread within the classroom.

3) You will receive real-time support and can network and engage creatively with other retreat participants through a dedicated private Facebook Group.

4) You will have the opportunity to participate in facilitated, live weekly group video chats (60-75 minutes each) through Zoom. Recordings will be available for those who can't join live.

"You won't regret investing time, energy and intention in one of Kim's programs. She takes care to craft content that is thought-provoking and aimed at bringing out your best. She creates beautiful, safe, encouraging spaces for participants to fully immerse themselves, open to being vulnerable with themselves and others, craft actions that help us get out of our own way, and take away new ways of thinking, being and acting that lead to more satisfaction and sense of purpose and meaning."  - Kerul

"I can personally say that studying with Kim for the last 2 years has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I feel I have learned so much about the things I was struggling with and learned a better way to deal with the hard things in life. I finally understand that self care is vital to healthy living... not selfish. When you are ready to grow in a positive way, this is a wonderful place to start!"  - Mary

Kim is an enthusiastic lifelong learner, a talented facilitator and - above all - an admirer and student of the natural world, especially horses. Kim loves facilitating powerful connections, whether they be between humans or horses, while guiding everyone involved toward a deeper honoring of themselves and one another. As always, Kim promises to weave the wisdom and healing power of horses into this virtual retreat experience.

Virtual Retreats

 These virtual group experiences are designed to provide:

  • intentional community;
  • encouraging and supportive facilitation;
  • a safe space for vulnerability; 
  • opportunities for guided self-reflection;
  • honest and transparent exchanges;
  • a sense of shared purpose;
  • accountability to self and others;
  • the freedom and flexibility to co-create within a shared experience. 

"Kim has the rare ability to share her soul while she listens and coaches, and I quickly felt at ease and trusting during the online retreat. It was also really helpful that she is passionate about horses and listens to their wisdom, as I do. The work we did was deep, and I remembered and learned a lot about myself with the support of the entire group. Thank you." - Melissa