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"Kim's workshops are just such a refreshing way to ponder and reflect on what's working well in your life and what things you might want to change. And the beauty of her workshops is that you get to "see" or "experience" what those changes might look like through your interactions with her horses. Sometimes reading or hearing about a shift you would like to make inspires you, but can be hard to execute. But when you can 'experience' what that positive shift feels like in an authentic setting of a farm of horses, it seems to be much easier to replicate those shifts in your life. Her workshops are fun, relaxing and thought-provoking - just a refreshing change of pace from our busy lives. Kim's easy going nature and beautiful farm will make you not want to leave!"       - Carrie King, participant in The Science of Relaxation on March 17th.

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Unbridled, LLC in Charleston, SC

What Participants are Saying:

A Year of Learning with Kim Hallin, Lara Allison and the Horses of Unbridled, LLC  

2018 Workshop Series