The natural world is in a constant state of changing. We should be too. Tending to ourselves as we change with the change is the only way to find peace. We are designed to evolve; all of us - as individuals and as a species. Learning to become fully who we are is hard work. But it's not as painful as forgetting who we were born to be. Evolving can take many forms but each process inevitably involves releasing (or shedding) the shit that is no longer serving us. And after that, we must do the work of cleaning the manure piles to keep our sacred space for healing and growth cleared. Every. Single. Day. â€‹

How it Works:

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Mentoring Packages

(because owning and shifting our shit is not a one-and-done thing)

I have found that a series of six mentoring sessions seems to be the perfect number to support just about anyone in successfully "shifting their shit" in a meaningful way. You have the option of scheduling your six sessions:




Regardless of what schedule you choose, the cost for package mentoring sessions is $125 per session.

I will sometimes agree to one-off mentoring sessions (based on availability) for a check-in or tune-up. The cost for a one-off session if you have not already completed a six-session package is $155. For clients who have already completed a mentoring package, one-off sessions are billed at the $125 rate.

Regardless, the first step is to schedule a FREE 30-minute connection call to discuss your mentoring needs and desires. Please use the scheduling tool below to schedule your free connection call.

I don't consider myself a coach because I believe we each must be the coach of our own lives. The credential that makes me worthy of mentoring others is simply my personal experience of learning who I am by being who I am. This is nature's way, and it is also the way of the horse. Horses are unrelenting in their ability and willingness to show up and hold sacred space for whatever healing, learning and growth need to occur. I have been the beneficiary of that sacred space-holding by my herd, which means I know how to create and hold that sacred space for you. 

How well we attend to what our bodies, minds and hearts need determines our overall health and wellbeing. My intention is not to "fix" you. None of us are broken. But too many of us lose our way. I will help you find your center so you can take root and feel grounded. I will help you explore your edges so you can find your wings and take flight. There is both medicine and poison in every aspect of life. The poison motivates. The medicine soothes and heals. I will teach you to embrace both in order to step fully into your personal potential... with purpose, peace and wisdom. 

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We all need support and accountability on this journey.

Unbridled mentoring sessions average about 70-minutes of paradigm-shifting yumminess. We will connect via Zoom video (or phone). We will begin with whatever core desire or issue is weighing on your heart. I will support you by drawing on my favorite sources of guidance and inspiration, including (but not limited to):

Horse wisdom


Animal symbolism and magic

Archetype/oracle cards

Good ol' fashioned hand-holding


Writing and journaling


Experiential learning and practice

"The secret to inner peace is simple. I'm not saying it's easy, but it's simple. Learn to love and honor yourself deeply... then remind others they have a responsibility to do the same."  -Kim

The type of mentoring I offer is not to be stepped into lightly. You must be brave enough to bring your vulnerability. You will be asked to shine light and feel into your wounded places. There are no set agendas or expectations. What I offer is the opportunity to co-create from a place of honesty, wonder and faith. I will meet you where you are, but I promise we won't stay there long. Growth requires movement.  

We will engage in largely unstructured (think free-range!) conversations. There is no set agenda. Only groundrules. I will draw on what is already present and readily available in both of us while holding space for whatever wants to manifest during our time together. My promise is to support you into a place of greater peace and power by the conclusion of each session. My energy is calm and comforting, but the insights I conjure will push you into profoundly shape-shifting changes in perspective. Come ready!