The Unbridled Truth About Horses is where forward-thinking horse lovers from around the world come together to support the creation of a kinder, gentler equine industry of the future while increasing consciousness and mindfulness in all areas of life... 

but especially in regard to our

relationships with horses! 

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  • Equine Intelligence
  • Horse/Herd Behavior (and what we can learn from it)
  • Envisioning the Equine Industry of the Future
  • Equine-Inspired Learning
  • Wholistic Equine Health & Nutrition​
  • Interpreting Equine Body Language
  • Relationship-Building Activities You Can Do with Your Horse
  • And much more!

The Unbridled Truth About Horses is a robust online membership program for anyone who is interested in learning about horses from an unbiased, ethological  perspective rather than simply believing and perpetuating the many myths and misconceptions that have been passed down through the mainstream horse industry for centuries. Jam-packed with eye-opening and thought-provoking  content that has the potential to inspire a whole new era in the horse-human relationship, you will never see horses through the same eyes again! Engage with the content at your own pace, participate in the discussion threads if you'd like, network with other members if that suits you, or simply dive in and enjoy.

What Members are Saying

"The Unbridled Truth About Horses is for people who are brave enough to look differently at horses and see their relationships with them as opportunities to nurture mindfulness and presence... which can lead to more openness and joy in our relationships with all beings!"

"This online community is such a great resource for anyone who wants a deeper level of understanding about - or relationship with - horses; You will not only understand horses for who and what they actually are but you will also gain new insights into the profound spiritual connection humans have with these incredible animals."

The Unbridled Truth About Horses

An online membership program for open-minded, forward-thinking horse lovers

Below is a sneak-peak at two of the videos you'll find in the membership classroom. 

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