The Kinship of the Herd

"For years I have tried to be 'all things to all people' and as a result, have not taken care of myself. Everyone else's needs came before my own. It seemed the more I did, the more was expected. It all finally caught up with me! Through the years, counseling and attending workshops have helped me gain some insight into why I do the things I do. The mantra is always, 'you can only change yourself'. That is certainly true but until now I never felt that I was given the tools and support I needed to do so. Through this amazing program, Kim has finally given me what I need to succeed on this journey! I encourage anyone who recognizes the need for positive change in your life to consider this program. It is well worth the investment of money and time. I'm so thankful to Kim for offering this incredible community!"  - Current Student

What is the ROI on my $99 monthly investment as a subscribing member of The Kinship of the Herd?

What Will We Be Learning?

Module #1: Who Am I?  
By the end of Module One you will be able to answer the following questions with clarity: Who am I? What are my core values? What do I stand for? What is my personal purpose in life? What are the unique skills (learned and innate) I bring to the world?
Module #2: How do I Stay True to Myself in the World?
By the end of Module Two you will understand how to set and maintain effective boundaries in all areas of your life including at work, at home, with extended family members and in your friendships.
Module #3: What Fears are Holding Me Back?
By the end of Module Three you will understand the most common fears that hold people back from being true to themselves in the world and from making sound decisions in all areas of life.
Module #4: Self-care is Not Selfish
By the end of Module Four you will understand how self-care allows you to show up as the best possible version of yourself at all times, create better balance in your life and nurture healthier relationships.
Module #5: Being Present and the Art of Allowing
By the end of this module you will understand the most common pitfalls, including patterns of thought and behavior, that create unnecessary stress and dysfunction in relationships, and how to avoid these common pitfalls.

Module #6: My Vibe Attracts My Tribe
By the end of this module you will understand how being true to yourself and living your life authentically will attract the RIGHT kinds of people and situations into your life and keep the WRONG kinds of people and situations at bay.

Inspired by the wisdom of horses,The Kinship of the Herd is an extraordinary online membership program that leads highly motivated, emotionally mature adults on a shared journey of self-discovery, personal growth and creative collaboration that culminates in a paradigm-shifting new understanding of what it means to take good care of ourselves and others. Designed to meet YOU wherever you are on your personal journey, this program will ensure you get the support, guidance, accountability and inspiration you need to step confidently into the next greatest possibilities for (and in) your life.

What is the Format for this Membership Program?

A robust guided online-learning platform hosted through Ruzuku serves is the heart of The Kinship of the Herd program. Accessing the learning materials and participating in online discussions is ridiculously easy, even for beginners and non-techies. The curriculum consists of six online modules which, when completed in consecutive order, provide a powerful roadmap for personal awareness and growth. Each module was designed to be completed in approximately 30 days, assuming an average of 2 hrs per week can be dedicated to the program. If you have less than 2 hrs per week to dedicate, and it takes you longer to finish the curriculum, that's no problem (on average, most members spend 2-3 months on each module and say they really enjoy digging deep to get the most out of every lesson)! The lessons contain videos, written exercises, experiential activities and interactive discussion sections. Each of these activities can be completed in the privacy and comfort of your own home, at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. Every lesson builds on the previous lessons, providing a logical and powerful path forward for personal development. The end result is a deep and comprehensive understanding of the common challenges we all face in trying to live our best lives, and how to move through these pitfalls productively. (NOTE: members can go back and review previous lessons as often as they want!)

Subscribing members of The Kinship of the Herd have access to constant support from Kim, both in the online classroom and through a private Facebook group (optional). These safe learning spaces are designed to help you process information, reflect, practice, seek support, offer support, share experiences and ask for feedback in order to fully embody what's being learned. There is no minimum or maximum length of time for membership in The Kinship of the Herd. You are encouraged to remain active for as long as the community and its resources remain beneficial for you!  At the same time, you remain in complete control of your monthly subscription and can cancel your membership at any time. Many graduates of the curriculum enjoy continuing their membership in order to stay engaged, offer support and continue processing the materials at deeper levels through the communal sharing that occurs.

There is no risk that's more worth taking than the risk of believing in yourself. If you are brave enough to take that risk, this is your invitation. No matter where you are in the world (or in your life's journey), once you join The Kinship of the Herd you will know you've found your way home. Everything you need (now and in the future) is already within you. But if you don't know how to access it, you can't use it. 

"Kim Hallin's support as the facilitator for this online program is amazing! Her comments are honest, kind, respectful and helpful  in guiding us forward. Also, the open sharing among the group not only helps us really get to know each other but it has also helped me get to know myself better!"​  - Current Student 

The truth is, the return-on-investment for this membership program simply cannot be over-stated. How can you put a price tag on a life-changing experience? This membership program is absolutely the most cost-effective way to receive the support and guidance required to stay focused and "work smart" when it comes to personal development.

To put the financial value of the services Kim provides to members into clearer perspective, consider this:

For less than what it costs to purchase one private 90-minute coaching session with Kim, each month subscribing members of The Kinship of the Herd not only have unlimited access to Kim through the online classroom and Facebook group, but also have the option of participating in a group Zoom chat AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.  Learning with, and from, your peers in The Kinship of the Herd is a huge part of the value of the program. In fact, it's one of the key reasons the program is so successful. No one can succeed in the challenging work of personal growth without a safe, supportive community. As a subscribing member of The Kinship of the Herd, you will never feel alone or without access to the resources you need!

Kim challenges you to find any comparable program, anywhere, for less.