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Inspired by the wisdom of horses, The Kinship of the Herd is an extraordinary self-improvement program that leads cohorts of women on a shared journey of self-discovery, personal growth and creative collaboration that culminates in a paradigm-shifting new understanding of what it means to take good care of ourselves and others.

Designed to meet YOU wherever you are on your journey, this program will ensure you get the support, guidance, accountability and inspiration you need to move forward with confidence.

Graduates of the online course automatically become lifetime members of what I affectionately call "The Herd": a cadre of confident, compassionate, centered women who share a passion for helping one another bring our best selves forward in all areas of life!

"Kim Hallin's support as the facilitator for this program is amazing! Her comments are honest, kind, respectful and helpful  in guiding us forward. Also, the open sharing among the group not only helps us really get to know each other but it has also helped me get to know myself better!"

"Before my hands-on experience at Unbridled, there is no way that anyone could have convinced me that I could learn so much from horses! In just a few hours I learned about acceptance, respect for others and myself, kindness, taking things as they come, that it's OK to walk away, it's OK to say no, how to "just be" and the need for quietness in my life."

- The Kinship of The Herd students 

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The Kinship of the Herd

The Kinship of the Herd