Carrie King - March 2018

"Kim and Lara's workshops are just such a refreshing way to ponder and reflect on what's working well in your life and what things you might want to change. And the beauty of these workshops is that you get to "see" or "experience" what those changes might look like through your interactions with Kim's horses. Sometimes reading or hearing about a shift you would like to make inspires you, but can be hard to execute. But when you can 'experience' what that positive shift feels like in an authentic setting of a farm of horses, it seems to be much easier to replicate those shifts in your life. These workshops are fun, relaxing and thought-provoking. Just a refreshing change of pace from our busy lives. Kim's easy going nature and beautiful farm will make you not want to leave!"      

"The session with the horse(s) helped me identify my “go-to” behaviors and separate my instincts from my intention. While I intended for one thing to happen (to work with confidence and intention), my instincts (anxiety) kept interrupting that process. It made me realize how anxiety about something over which I have no control can interfere with being present in the moment. Kim’s presence and ease with the horses made me feel much more comfortable about exploring my leadership style and working through some hesitations."   -A. Hollinger, May 2016

"Kim's ability to relate my experience in the paddock to what has been concerning me in my life was stunningly good."  - S. Godow, December 2015

Hardy Brown - December 2017

"I really had no idea what to expect prior to my session with Kim and her horses, but right away Kim facilitated a space and energy that would turn out to be one of the most relaxing, calming, fascinating and soul-stirring experiences that I've ever had with horses. The theme of the day leaned towards self-care, and Kim did a masterful job of relaying that practice through the natural behavior of horses. When done in this way, the "lesson" seems so much clearer and profound, which makes the idea of self-care so much more important and worthwhile to do not only for myself, but it creates more empathy and compassion for the people and animals in my life, too.

One of my favorite parts of the session was Kim and I just hanging out with the horses and Bart the pig under the run-in shelter. We played with the energy that was present and watched the dynamics of subtle movements of our bodies and even just our thoughts, and how literally just CHANGING OUR THOUGHTS would cause the horses to either change their facial expressions or even move themselves nearer or closer to us. Kim calls this "Holding space". It was awesome.

Its been three days since my time with Kim, but I still have such a feeling of calmness, gratitude and happiness that frankly is difficult to explain. I want everyone to experience this. No matter if you have been around horses all your life, or you have never seen one in person, what Kim is offering is what this world needs right now: True connections with our true selves in a positive and healing setting. If you are reading this, then you will benefit from this experience."

Unbridled, LLC in Charleston, SC

"Kim's guidance was amazing.  I would give the entire experience from start to finish a perfect TEN!"  - J. Brady. April 2016

"My favorite part of the hands-on session was learning to move the horses without even touching them. You really have to sell your intentions in order to garner their cooperation! "    - K. Rumrill, May 2016

"The time spent with Kim, including the pre-session discussion, the actual interactions with the horses and our continued discussions following, have deepened my understanding of myself and my horse. I am more aware and mindful of what I am communicating (with others at work, in my home life and with my animal friends) and I feel greater clarity in what I am hearing and receiving from others.  As I strive to become my most authentic self, the experiences I've had through Unbridled have been very powerful in directing me on my path." -H. Bertauski, October 2016

Lara Allison - December 2017

"As a Veterinarian, I witness the power of the human-animal bond everyday and what we can learn about ourselves through our connection and relationship with animals. Animals tell the truth and reflect back to us those patterns of thought and beliefs within us that are helpful, and those that are hurtful. I went to Kim's farm to have a session in order to discover what unconscious belief was in me that was preventing me from making some changes in my life, as well as why I had lost my connection to horses. Right away when I walked into the pasture with Kim, her herd and her amazing pig, Bart, I noticed I was experiencing some anxiety. Immediately with Kim's help, it became clear to me that I had an agenda. I wanted the horses to like me, I wanted one of them to show me I was like-able, and I wanted Kim to like me since I am a "vet" and should get along well with any animal.

How many times do we go into a situation with people or animals "wanting" something from them, asking and demanding: "What can I get?" or "Show me I am important" or "What can you do for me?", etc... This mindset never works in any relationship whether it is with an animal or a person. Through this session with Kim and her team, I was clearly reminded again that a better question to ask of oneself is: "What can I do for you? How do I show YOU that you are loved and important? In return we receive the gift of gratitude and true connection, we receive LOVE. 

With this insight, I was able to shift my perception and I ended up having the most amazing and loving experience with one of her horses, Markus. I decided to help him regardless of what I received in return, and I ended up being brought to tears in receiving his profound gratitude and energy. All I did was relax, open up to what he needed in that moment and scratch him in areas he could not reach. He responded to me with such affection and love. I could see it and just feel it to the core of my being. I had always loved horses yet had always asked and demanded of them: What can you do for me? Take me for a ride!
In this session I learned a whole new way of being with a horse. It taught me a profound lesson that reaches beyond my day at the farm. When we give to others, we end up receiving far more than we expect in ways beyond our imagination. This is what LOVE is. Kim and her team give in this way, and to be with them and her horses is a life-changing experience.

Kim is exceptionally intuitive and skilled in asking the right questions, reading and interpreting her horses' behavior and their response to each person, and bringing it all home so that one can reach an understanding of what patterns within need to be transformed. We all have a fear of something, and until we face that fear and acknowledge it, it cannot be shifted. Having a session with Kim and her herd is such a powerful way to reach a deeper understanding of oneself, regardless of whether or not it has to do with horses. Horses are just amazing mirrors in the journey of self-discovery.

I strongly recommend Kim and her team (Marlene and Heather) if you are looking for some insight and answers on your journey. They all hold such a space of love and non-judgment that it is easy to just step into the experience fully. Marlene took pictures of every important moment and truly captured the essence of my session - something I will treasure always. Heather cooked up a delicious, healthy lunch which we all shared under the oak trees discussing the powerful transformation that had just occurred. It was absolutely wonderful! I am eternally grateful for the gifts that each and every one of them gave to me that day. Thank you so much, all of you."

"This was a magical and wonderful experience. I'd had no experience with horses before (being a Chicago boy), but it was astonishingly revealing, soothing, and wonderful. I'd recommend Unbridled, LLC to anyone. It's not therapy per se, but it is extraordinarily therapeutic. If you want to learn more about yourself, do this! If I were still working, I'd take my team to do this as leadership training. The horses are awesome in so many ways and the multi-talented Kim Hallin is absolutely amazing. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 17."  -S. Godow, December 2015

"Kim’s facilitation was my favorite part of the session! Left to my own devices, it would have been challenging to realize what was happening in the moment. With Kim’s guided analysis, I felt able to push through some difficult moments. Kim encouraged us to challenge ourselves, but never pushed us to do anything that made us uncomfortable."  -A. Hollinger, April 2016

"I really enjoyed being in the horses' pasture and keeping it as natural as possible, no lead lines or barriers."  - H. Bertauski, October 2016 

"I had an incredible experience with Kim Hallin and Unbridled, LLC. I loved getting to know Tempo and I'm pretty sure she's my spirit animal. We are a couple of strong-willed ladies, but we figured out how to make space for each other. Thanks for teaching me a whole bunch about myself, Tempo!." -J. Blanchard, July 2017

"This was a truly amazing experience that I will always remember. Kim has such a finely tuned ability to guide people in learning more about themselves thru interacting with these beautiful horses she lives with. I feel like I will be able to embody my intentions in a much more effective way now. From my heart ~ Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  - J. Brady, April 2016

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