Sponsor an Equine (or Bovine!) Sage

$250 per month or $3,000 per year (1/2 sponsorships are also available at $125 per month).


                   Relicario                               Shoki                                   Puck                                        Tempo                                   Markus                              Bartholomew

Anyone who owns farm animals knows how expensive it is to feed them well, especially if they have special dietary needs! If you have a "favorite" equine (or bovine!) sage at Unbridled please consider sponsoring him or her for a month or an entire year. The additional income these sponsorships provide will allow Kim to invest more of the revenue from programs and services toward growing the business and creating even more amazing content and learning opportunities for students! It will also ensure that any special nutritional supplements or veterinary care the animals need will not jeopardize Kim's ability to continue supporting them as they age.  Equine/Bovine Sponsors will be well publicized (and thanked!) on the Unbridled LLC website, Facebook pages and in person to anyone who visits the farm!

Sponsor a Program or Event

Prices Vary

Creating amazing content for online courses is expensive! Kim would love to purchase enhanced video equipment and computer software that would enable her to capture and edit even more dynamic live action and audio of her work with the horses. By sponsoring an online program like The Kinship of the Herd or any of Kim's hands-on events, you will be helping to make it possible for Kim to increase both the quality and quantity of her future offerings through Unbridled.  The options for widespread recognition (as well as give-aways from your company) in relation to these sponsorships are significant! Kim would love to talk to you today about customizing a sponsorship to meet your interest and needs.

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Sponsor a Student  

$250 per student to participate in a hands-on experience 



Kim gets contacted by prospective students all the time who would LOVE the opportunity to experience a healing session with the horses at Unbridled but who simply cannot afford to participate. If you would like to help make this incredible experience available to more humans, please consider sponsoring a student. You can do so anonymously or Kim will be happy to let the student know who made their experience possible. Scholarship sponsors will be recognized and thanked publicly in a variety of ways!

Sponsorship Opportunities

NOTE: Unbridled LLC is a for-profit business which means sponsorship support is not tax deductible but it can be written off as a business expense! Ask Kim for details.

Fully Sponsored for 2019 by Sue Meacher!

Show your love for animal-inspired learning and healing by becoming a heart-centered sponsor today! If you support Kim's vision of providing horses of all ages, breeds, and abilities a place of purpose and if you honor the sacred healing connection that has always been at the heart of the human-horse relationship... let's show the world our united spirit. Unbridled, LLC would love to recognize you or your business through one of the valuable sponsorship opportunities below. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for more details!