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Summary of Services


Pick My Brain with Kim Hallin 

Book either a 30-minute or a 60-minute phone call or

Zoom meeting to ask your most burning questions and

discuss any topic of interest or concern!  This is a great way

to get to know Kim and gain a better understanding of how

her knowledge and experience can benefit you and/or your


  • $20 for a 30-minute phone call or Zoom discussion
  • $40 for a 60-minute phone call or Zoom discussion

Kim's areas of knowledge and expertise include: 

  • Horse and herd behavior
  • Human-equine relationships
  • Horse training (including natural horsemanship and clicker training)
  • Natural horse-keeping
  • Equine wellness and nutrition
  • Small farm management
  • Running a small business
  • Fundraising and grantwriting
  • Non-profit management

Online Resource Room - access over 100 articles, videos and polls designed to get you thinking outside the box and building the relationship of your dreams with your horse!

Horse-Human Relationship Coaching - includes pre-consultation by phone or email, one in-person (or video coaching) session, and follow-up discussion.   


Equine Assisted Learning -  includes pre-consultation by email or phone, one 2-3 hour in-person session with Kim and the horses, photographs from your session and  follow-up discussion. 

NOTE:  All Unbridled, LLC clients are invited to join a private Facebook discussion group for ongoing support, sharing and peer learning.

"No one else can create in your experience." 
- Esther & Jerry Hicks

Unbridled, LLC in Charleston, SC

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Watch this 4-minute video to learn more about "Pick My Brain with Kim Hallin"!