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​Unbridled H-ARTs

Contact Kim for scheduling availability or to discuss the details of your group's needs and interests. Retreat experiences are typically built around one or both of the following  foundational themes:

Unbridled, LLC in Charleston, SC

Kim believes strongly in giving back to the local community. If you would like to join her in making the following community outreach programs accessible to more Lowcountry children and families, please use the Contact Kim page to be in touch today about sponsorship options (individual and corporate contributors welcome)!

​​The Urban Equine Connection Program (UEPC)
The UECP is a sponsored program that brings children and families from inner-city or suburban neighborhoods to the Unbridled farm for customized equine-inspired experiential learning sessions. This program was founded in partnership with Author Kimberly Mills and is funded entirely by private donations and business sponsorships. 

Unbridled Voices
Unbridled is partnering with I AM VOICES (a Summerville SC based non-profit) to bring the healing power of horses to girls and young women who have experienced sexual violence. Participants will learn about the natural lives of horses, overcome any fears or misconceptions they may have, recognize the power of their voices and explore all the ways that human experiences can relate to the experiences of horses. Unbridled Voices is funded through the Urban Equine Connection Program. 

The Pillars of a Healthy Horse Herd
Horses are one of Earth's most emotionally intelligent animals. Their model of healthy community offers humans tremendous wisdom. Kim supports horse lovers in learning to embody the pillars of a healthy herd in order to develop mutually enjoyable friendships with horses, and ultimately to become trusted members of the herd (hers or yours!). There is no limit to how "deep" this work can go, with new layers and opportunities presenting themselves with every return visit to the farm. The end result is human beings (of all ages) who have a deep understanding of how to recognize both "healthy" and "unhealthy" relationship dynamics (these are universal across species) as well as how to nurture healthier relationships and communities in all areas of life.

Community Outreach

A Horse is a Horse, of Course!
Kim teaches about horses from the perspective of equine ethology (the study of wild horses in their natural environment). Topics include herd organization, familial roles and responsibilities, equine body language, relationship building, equine vision, functional equine anatomy (how horses evolved to use their bodies), and what it really means to be a grazing prey animal. Equine behavior is observed in real time with special attention on recognizing indicators of stress, pain or social anxiety, while also noticing how effectively horses adapt and collaborate to nurture peace and calm in their herd communities. Sessions with Kim are very interactive (lots of Q&A). Open/honest conversation about the physical and emotional impacts domestic life has on our horses is encouraged. Experienced horse people will want to come with an open mind and a willingness to learn new things (as well as unlearn false information that has readily been passed down as "fact" in the horse industry). 

​Kim offers several virtual learning opportunities designed to support equine professionals and practitioners who share her vision of creating a kinder, more compassionate horse industry of the future where ALL horses are appreciated and valued for the innate gifts they offer humanity.

The Horse-Centered Practitioner

Regardless of what sector of the horse industry you work (or hope to launch a business) in, the Horse-Centered Practitioner will reconnect you with your own higher instincts, increase your confidence around doing things differently, and give you loads of practical ideas and tools to play around with. Best of all, this self-paced online course will help you feel part of a larger like-minded community and movement of horse-centered professionals who are re-envisioning a kinder, more compassionate horse industry of the future. Click here for more information, or to enroll now. 

"The Sacred Space that Holds Us" Mastermind Group      (Enrollment in the Horse-Centered Practitioner is a pre-requisite!)

​​Forward-thinking equine practitioners hold space for so much (and so many) every day, including our horses, our clients, our businesses, our families, the horse industry, and our world. But guess what? There’s an infinite “sacred space” that also holds us! This sacred space has the capacity to hold everything that each of us is holding plus everything within each of us that needs holding too, at any given time. It’s a sacred space that never closes, jams up, feels overwhelmed, or gets tipped out of balance. It’s constantly available and always willing. All we need to do is lean into it – individually and together.

Kim wants to make sure that equine professionals who are courageously pushing the envelope of possibility regarding the potential of the horse-human relationship never feel isolated, unsupported, unheard or un-held in regard to what we’re trying to carry. Intentional, supportive, small-group discussions between like-minded peers who all know how to hold space, but who also appreciate, and value, feeling held, are invaluable resources. Kim hosts regular meetings via Zoom for this Mastermind Cohort.

Equine-Inspired Personal or Professional Mentoring

Kim is passionate about supporting two specific populations with her mentoring time and energy:

1) Equine-assisted practitioners who are committed to creating programs and businesses that truly exemplify what it means to honor the physical and emotional needs of the horses. This means expanding trauma-informed knowledge and approaches into our work with the horses.

2) Horse owners who have chosen to provide lifelong loving homes for horses that don't "fit the mold", and who may be struggling to cope (emotionally and/or physically) within the framework of the traditional horse industry.

Equine-inspired mentoring sessions can be conducted in-person or remotely. Kim offers a free 30-minute consult for potential clients to determine whether working together feels like a good fit for both. From there, mentoring packages will be customized based on each client's specific needs. ​​​​