‚ÄčKim offers a variety of services designed to support heart-centered adults of all ages through the process of becoming unbridled!

Experiential Learning with Horses

The most economical way to register for an introductory session with Kim and the horses is to book a 2-hr session through AirBnB Experiences. You can also contact Kim directly if you are interested in scheduling a customized 1/2-day or full-day private experience (individual or small group).

Personal Coaching and Peer Mentoring

Kim's unique approach to personal coaching and peer mentoring combines virtual phone or Zoom chats, experiential learning (or surrogate sessions for those who can't visit in person) with horses, Kim's unbridled belief in your ability to reconnect with your truest self, a high level of commitment and shared personal accountability. You can read about her coaching services and pricing at this link.

Online Learning

For remote students or local clients who are looking for something less intensive than personal coaching, Kim offers a variety of affordable online programs based on the wisdom of horses. These opportunities are truly online learning like you've never experienced it!

Public Workshops

From time to time, Kim offers public workshops at the Unbridled Farm. Check the Upcoming Events tab to see what's currently on the schedule!

"Touch, gentle and loving, has always been important to me and before my session I was very excited about touching and connecting with the horses. It took wise Shoki (the herd elder) to remind me that touch isn't the only way to connect. Standing by someone, standing with someone, and standing for someone are also important parts of connection. How did he know what I most needed to understand in my life right now?"

"Before my first session at Unbridled, there is no way that anyone could have convinced me that I could learn so much from horses! In just a few hours I learned about acceptance, respect for others and myself, kindness, taking things as they come, that it's OK to walk away, it's OK to say no, how to 'just be' and the need for quietness in my life. I'm still amazed how different I felt afterwards in comparison to how I felt on my way to the farm! 

"The hands-on day I had with the horses at Unbridled was life-changing and powerful. There is no other way to describe it. It is difficult to even put into words what it meant to me. It was definitely amazing."


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