​​Equine-Inspired Soul Guidance

Kim is passionate about holding flexible, sacred spaces for free-range exploration, growth and healing. On average, remote equine-inspired soul guidance sessions last about 70 minutes, with a focus on any core desire or issue that is most important to you. Kim doesn't call what she does "coaching" because she believes if there is any coach in your life, it should be YOU. But we all need support, authenticity, accountability and a safe space to be vulnerable as we dream or transform! Kim especially loves working with horse owners who are interested in taking their relationship with their horses to new spiritual levels. 

The Urban Equine Connection Program (UEPC)
A sponsored program that brings low-income children and families from inner-city or suburban neighborhoods to the Unbridled farm for customized equine-inspired experiential learning sessions, The Urban Equine Connection Program was born out of Kim's desire to do something meaningful in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. This program was founded in partnership with Author Kimberly Mills and is funded entirely by private donations and business sponsorships.

Unbridled Voices

Unbridled is partnering with I AM VOICES (a Summerville SC based non-profit) to bring the healing power of horses to girls and young women who have experienced sexual violence. Participants will learn about the natural lives of horses, overcome any fears or misconceptions they may have, recognize the power of their voices and explore all the ways that human experiences can relate to the experiences of horses. Unbridled Voices is funded through the Urban Equine Connection Program. 

The Liberated Equine Connections Collaborative (LECC)
Unbridled is partnering with FreeHorse Arts to identify and support partners within the field of Equine Experiential Learning and Therapy who:

  • Understand that observing and interacting with horses when they are living as close to their natural state as possible (physically, emotionally and mentally) provides powerful opportunities for humans to witness and experience healthier models of community and living in relationship;

  • Value the “art of allowing” and are committed to teaching and learning through the release of our need to habitually control others or outcomes;

  • Are committed to creating and maintaining learning environments that feel safe and welcoming for each participant (human and horse); and

  • Openly acknowledge and work to minimize the creation or perpetuation of uneven power dynamics, catalysts for competition or any type of systemic oppression in the design of their programs and related activities. 

Use the Contact Us page to let Kim know if you are interested in learning more about the LECC.

Private Sessions and Corporate/Small Group Retreats
Are you looking for a unique and powerful way to unharness YOUR (or your team's) unbridled potential? Kim offers a unique brand of equine-inspired facilitation designed to connect forward-thinking individuals, teams or groups with horse wisdom to bring forth profound shifts. Participants learn about the Pillars of a Healthy Herd: honest communication, individual responsibility and accountability, presence, personal space & boundaries, common goals (peace, balance, exploration, play) and shared leadership. Use the Contact Us page to request more information!

Outreach Programs & Partners

Unbridled, LLC in Charleston, SC