Programs and Services

Unbridled, LLC in Charleston, SC

‚ÄčEquine-Inspired Soul Guidance

Kim is passionate about holding flexible, sacred spaces for free-range exploration, growth and healing. On average, equine-inspired soul guidance sessions last about 70 minutes, with a focus on any core desire or issue that is most important to you. Kim doesn't call what she does "coaching" because she believes if there is any coach in your life, it should be YOU. But we all need support, authenticity, accountability and a safe space to be vulnerable as we dream or transform! 

The Kinship of the Herd: Online Membership Programs

If self-paced community-based learning, inspiration and support (with a healthy side portion of horse-wisdom) is what you're hungry for, check out Kim's unique online learning membership communities. These programs utilize a Ruzuku-based classroom platform. Subscribing members receive an invitation to Kim's special "Kinship of the Herd" Facebook group. 

Online Short-Courses

Designed to get you thinking differently about yourself, the horses in your life and/or the world we live in, these online short-courses are a fun and affordable way to get a "taste" for Kim's unique brand of equine-inspired learning at a bargain price. 

The Urban Equine Connection Program
A sponsored program that brings low-income children and families from inner-city or suburban neighborhoods to the Unbridled farm for customized equine-inspired experiential learning sessions, The Urban Equine Connection Program was born out of Kim's desire to do something meaningful in support of the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement. This program was founded in partnership with Author Kimberly Mills.

Corporate and Non-profit Retreats
Are you looking for a unique and powerful way to unharness YOUR team's unbridled potential? Kim offers a unique brand of equine-inspired facilitation designed to connect forward-thinking teams or groups with horse wisdom to bring forth profound shifts in their ability to embody eight essential qualities of a healthy team: authenticity, trust, congruence, open communication, effective boundaries, synchrony, unified purpose and shared leadership. Use the Contact Us page to request more information!