Themed Coaching Packages

If you are unsure how to focus your coaching sessions, Kim recommends selecting an underlying theme. Adding a theme to your package gives your sessions more structure and makes the process fun and engaging! Below are four options that consistently produce excellent results:

Package One: Who Am I?

Those who select this package will focus on learning to reconnect with the qualities that YOU need most in your life in order to feel happy. Your coaching sessions will be designed to help you remember what brings you personal peace, joy and fulfillment. Kim will also help you identify your personal gifts and explore the ways you can use them to create a more meaningful life!

Package Two: How Do I Stay True to Myself?

Those who select this package will focus on learning what it means to have healthy boundaries. Your coaching sessions will be designed to look deeply at key relationships in your life and Kim will help you develop a personalized boundary map that will guide you in establishing and maintaining healthier boundaries going forward!

Package Three: Self Care is Not Selfish!

Those who select this package will focus on learning that true self-care has nothing to do with engaging in self-soothing behaviors. Your coaching sessions will be designed to help you develop a customized self-care regimen that will effectively support you in re-charging your batteries. This plan will also help to ensure that your emotional and physical 'gas tanks' never have to run on empty again!

Package Four: My Vibe Attracts My Tribe

Those who select this package will focus on learning that being true to yourself attracts the RIGHT kind of people and situations into your life and detracts the wrong kinds. Your coaching sessions will be designed to help you explore critical concepts including the law of attraction, the art of allowing and how to embrace a mindset of abundance!

Current Services OfferedA La Carte Cost
Private coaching calls (75-90 minutes) with Kim
 $125 each 
Recordings of each call for additional review and reflection
 $25 each 
Private equine-inspired learning sessions (3 hrs each) with the Unbridled Herd $300 each 
Photographs from equine-inspired learning sessions $50 per session

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Coaching Packages

Clients who commit to at least six weeks of coaching are eligible to customize their coaching package and receive a 15% discount! Customized coaching packages are designed for optimum return on your investment. Coaching clients are most successful when they make a firm and significant personal commitment, have some skin in the game, are held accountable, receive consistent and dependable support, take time to celebrate successes and engage in experiential activities that solidify concepts and create profound paradigm shifts.

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