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The Kinship of the Herd (subscription options starting at $39/month)

This is Unbridled's flagship membership program designed to support adults (especially ANYONE who loves horses!) who are seeking to understand themselves better, to live a more authentic and self-actualized life, and who are struggling to find a lasting sense of contentment, purpose and/or self-confidence. This program is especially beneficial for those who are facing major transitions in their lives or who feel they are stuck in unhealthy patterns. 

Change is the Only Constant (Introductory price of $39/month)
This is a video-based course that documents the integration of Relicario into the Unbridled herd. You will be mesmerized as Kim leads you on a guided discussion around what horses can teach us about managing change more effectively, communal leadership and the creation of a harmonious communities. An added bonus (for horse owners, especially) that comes with this program is some amazing footage of equine behavior and herd dynamics, as well as Kim's knowledgeable assessment and interpretation of what is happening in each moment.

NEW!Dismounting Gracefully (subscription options starting at $39/month)

This membership program is designed to support equestrians of all levels, ages and disciplines who are facing the decision to stop riding - either temporarily or permanently. There are many reasons why a person may feel the need to give up riding (age, health, fear, finances, unsound horse, ethical reasons, etc.). Unfortunately, there is often a great stigma attached to this decision and few places for these brave individuals to turn for support and understanding. This program is especially beneficial for those who are seeking a like-minded community of peers and who are interested in redefining their future lives with horses on THEIR TERMS.

NEW!Not Your Basic Training (Introductory price of $19/month)

This unique online discussion group is for equestrians and equine professionals who are serious about going beyond the basics of equine behavior. The program motto is: "Seek First to Understand." It uses case studies based on dynamic video footage of Kim's five horses exhibiting a wide range of body language and herd behaviors. This footage includes a variety of scenarios from individual horses interacting with humans to individual horses interacting with one or more other horses to groups of horses all interacting with one another. It includes footage of horses in stressful situations, horses in calm situations... you name it! This program is especially beneficial for  EAL/EAP Facilitators, Equine Behaviorists, Equus Coaches, Horse Trainers, Riding Instructors, Boarding Facility Managers, Hoof Trimmers and Bodywork Practitioners (to name a few)!

The Unbridled Equestrian Resource Room (Introductory price of $23.99/mo subscription)

This incredible resource is for forward-thinking horse-lovers who are interested in looking beyond the limited and out-dated belief systems that pervade the traditional equine industry. The resource room will introduce you to a wide variety of topics including: Strengthening the Horse-Human Relationship, Equine Intelligence, Envisioning the Equine Industry of the Future, Equine Inspired Experiential Learning, Wholistic Equine Health & Nutrition, Self-Awareness and Personal Development, Herd Behavior (and what we can learn from it), New Approaches to Natural Horsekeeping, Interpreting Equine Body Language and Inspiration and Fun!

Wildlife Encounters as a Tool for Personal Reflection (Introductory price of $23.99/mo subscription)

Have you ever had the feeling that animals in the natural world are trying to communicate with you? This online course explores several approaches to interpreting wildlife encounters and offers a number of examples from Kim's own life. ​​

"Kim is an exceptional teacher, friend and advisor. The feedback and perspective she shares with each participant in her virtual programs is phenomenal. She really helps guide us into diving deep, connecting with our gifts and becoming our authentic selves."

Hands-on Learning Experiences

Unbridled also offers a variety of customized hands-on learning experiences for individuals and small groups. Every activity at Unbridled is designed to introduce people to the deep inner lives of horses while awakening a greater sense of personal peace, a larger awareness of the wholeness of life and a lasting sense of connection with the natural world. 

"The entire experience was very enriching. The interaction with the horses was eye opening and heart opening. I was struck, especially, by their ability to connect with us on our terms and the feeling that they were somehow aware of our needs."

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