Equine Feed & Supplements

Cool Stance is an all natural, GMO-Free, Low NSC horse feed made from coconut meal.  The horses at Unbridled, LLC have been eating Cool Stance for more than 8 years.  All three look and feel fabulous! 

Price:  $36.00 per 44lb bag

Power Stance is a unique powdered coconut oil supplement developed to provide many of the powerful benefits from Cool Stance in a powdered form.  Coconut oil has useful nutritional and antimicrobial benefits, including increased muscle glycogen storage, ready energy and weight gain.  Power Stance is odorless and has a long shelf life (is not prone to rancidity).

Prices:    5lb container - $57.00   15lb container - $129.00

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Why do I choose to stand behind Stance Equine USA? It's not just because they have amazing products that garner incredible results and give my horses the natural advantage. It's because Stance Equine is willing to say "no" to the status quo in the equine feed industry! They are quietly re-shaping the future of equine feed and supplements and because of this they are attracting an amazing community of forward-thinking customers who believe (like I do) that our horses deserve better! I currently maintain a limited inventory of Stance Equine and FORCO products which I am pleased to offer for resale to local customers.  Pick up is by appointment only.  Please call 843-478-8947 or email khallin@unbridled.guru for more information.   If you live outside the local area and are interested in becoming a retailer yourself, I'm happy to talk to you about these opportunities!

Turmericle Powder is a unique blend that combines all the natural benefits of turmeric, coconut oil, and ground black pepper, in a convenient and easy to use powdered supplement form.  

Prices:  1lb container - $21.50      5lb bucket - $97.00    $15lb bucket - $220.00

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FORCO is a unique feed supplement digestive fortifier.  It is made up of only pure fermentation products (no added nutrients, proteins, fat, sugars or starches) designed specifically to feed the microbial populations in the gut.  If your horse is under any type of stress, this product is a MUST.  

Price:  5lb (30 days) = $30; 10lb (70 days) = $50 or 25lb (190 days) = $118.00