Heather Bertauski

Kim Hallin

Heather says it was "sort of a midlife crisis" that brought horses, and specifically a horse named Blackjack, back into her life before she turned 40. She says Blackjack's inherent sensitivity has taught her to be more in tune with her own energy and ability to be present. She is thankful that Blackjack has also led her to likeminded humans who share her love and appreciation for nature and the powerful, healing presence animals bring into our lives.  

"In regards to cooking, it has always been a secret wish of mine to go to culinary school. However I've recently discovered that I truly just want to share my creativity and love through delicious healthy cooking." Heather  serves as the primary caterer for Unbridled, LLC which not only allows her to combine two of her passions (being with horses and cooking), but also means clients have the option of adding a delicious, healthy, home-cooked meal to their Unbridled, LLC experience. 


‚ÄčMeet the Humans

Kim is the President and primary facilitator at Unbridled, LLC.  She has been working, playing and living with horses for over 30 years.  Often  questioning the status quo and exploring paths less followed, Kim looks to the horses for answers and inspiration.  She credits her horses for teaching her what authentic leadership looks and feels like, and says this gift has brought her significant success and happiness, both professionally and personally. Kim recently left a 20-year career in higher education fundraising to pursue her passion of helping horses and humans full-time.

You can read more about Kim's professional experience and education here.

Marlene Pine

Marlene is the founder/owner of All is Well Pet Stores with locations on James Island and in West Ashley.  She has always loved horses but never had the opportunity to interact with them in person until she met Kim about ten years ago.  Marlene says her relationships with the horses have changed her life, helping her to develop deeper self-awareness and a greater faith in herself and others. Today Marlene is "part of the herd" at Unbridled, LLC assisting with scheduling, bookkeeping, horse care and lending valuable support to both the clients and horses during sessions.