Bartholomew the Pig

Shoki will always be with us in spirit!

Tempo is a 13-year-old Quarter Horse mare, and the only daughter of Puck. Her coloring is red dun (golden fur with red tones and a red mane and tail with a dark red dorsal stripe down her back). Tempo has a unique star in the center of her forehead and one white sock on her left hind foot. She is the resident perfectionist, keeper of schedules and social coordinator of the herd!

Tempo was born on Kim's farm in Ravenel and has never lived anywhere else.


Shoki was the herd elder at Unbridled for many years. He was an Arabian gelding with striking white markings. He was lovingly laid to rest in January 2020 at the age of 31. Shoki was a master teacher who touched the hearts and souls of many.

You can read more about him on his memorial page

Meet the Herd

Puck is a 19-year-old Quarter Horse mare. Her coloring is buckskin dun (gold body with black mane and tail and a dark dorsal stripe down the center of the back). She has no white markings. Puck is the "mothering" and grounding body of the herd. 

Puck was purchased at an auction in Walterboro when she was 3 years old and sold to Kim and her ex-husband a year later.  She has spent most of her life on Kim's farm in Ravenel.

Markus is a 19-year-old Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross gelding. He is the largest horse at Unbridled, LLC, standing at 18 hands! His coloring is flea-bitten gray. Markus is a true "gentle giant", a peacekeeper and a lover of human attention.

Markus was donated to Unbridled, LLC in May of 2017 after a former show jumping career. He lived at many different barns in his former life and never had a permanent equine family until joining our herd.

Relicario (Reli)


Reli is a 10-year-old Columbian Paso Fino gelding. He is the smallest horse at Unbridled, LLC, standing around 14 hands! His coloring is chestnut and he has a striking white mark on his forehead. Reli is sweet, sensitive and affectionate, with a playful spirit. He was easily accepted into the herd and has quickly developed strong friendships with all the other horses.

Reli was donated to Unbridled, LLC in March of 2019


Bart is a 3-year-old Pot Belly mix pig. He is the smartest and most entertaining animal on the farm! His beautiful black hair gives him a very distinguished look (when he's not covered in mud). Despite his impressive stature, Bart is a lover not a fighter! He enjoys eating, napping and socializing with everyone who comes to the farm.

Bart showed up at the Unbridled Farm as a tiny stray piglet and simply refused to leave. Efforts to locate his rightful owner proved fruitless. He quickly forged alliances with the horses, and won Kim's heart as well.