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Horse-Human Relationship Coaching

Connect more authentically with your horse!

“What’s the difference between hiring a trainer for my horse and hiring a relationship coach?”, you might ask. 

Training is similar to teaching.  If your horse has never been trained and you are looking for someone to teach your horse basic skills such as haltering, leading, tying, carrying a rider or trailer loading, then training is probably in order and there are many local trainers who are skilled at this, using a variety of methods. There are also a number of online programs designed to teach you how to train your own horse. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about various training approaches or need a referral.

Relationship Coaching focuses on the quality of the connection you have with your horse. So, if your horse has already been trained in the basics but the attitude, eagerness or confidence with which your horse performs the things he/she has been trained to do are not where you’d like them to be… then relationship coaching is probably what you and your horse need!
The quality of the relationship you have with your horse is determined by the extent to which you have been able to nurture things like trust, respect and empathy.  How well you communicate with your horse (including how well you listen to his/her feelings in addition to how well you express your own desires) is also a critical factor in the quality of your relationship. 

The important thing to recognize is that if your horse's perception of working with you (or humans in general) is damaged or broken, no amount of training is going to completely solve your problems.

I’ve spent decades learning how to build positive relationships (I prefer to call them friendships!) with my own horses and those of my clients.  Relationship Coaching can help your horse overcome fears, insecurities and past traumatic experiences. It can also help YOU feel happier, more satisfied and safer around your horse!  A healthy/positive relationship provides the foundation that can take you and your horse anywhere you want to go – together!

Not sure whether your relationship with your horse is a concern?  Click here to access my free “human-equine relationship assessment” tool.  If your answers to these 16 questions are consistently "always" or "most of the time", congratulations!  If not, I encourage you to request a free consult today (see below).

Relationship Coaching Fees

I offer a FREE 30 minute introductory phone consult to discuss my approach and to determine whether the "fit" between what you and your horse need and what I offer is a good one.

Introductory Sessions for Relationship Coaching range from $200 - $250 (depending on distance and specific issues) and include a more in-depth phone, Zoom or email discussion, a 2-hour on-site evaluation with you and your horse (or video assessment if you are not local) and a personalized list of recommendations/ideas that could significantly improve the quality of your relationship.  Additional coaching sessions are typically $125 if purchased individually but package rates are also available.