Kim's focus is on helping horse owners understand the root causes of these undesireable behaviors, which she believes must be addressed first in order for any subsequent training interventions to be effective.

Connection and Support

Kim offers a variety of equine behavior-related support services to local horse owners who are struggling to understand and manage problematic or unsafe behaviors from one or more of the horses in their care. These services include:

Equine Behavior Consultations

Horse-Human Relationship Coaching

Herd Management Recommendations

Some of the common issues she helps horse owners and barn managers sort out include:

  • Aggression (toward humans or other horses)
  • Resource Guarding
  • Stall vices
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Fear of Hoof Trimming

"Kim Hallin is an amazing horse-person. She’s THE most equine-intuitive person I’ve ever seen in action. Watching her interact and ‘read’ horses is an art as complex as a symphony."

- Kristi Rodgers Natural Horse Trimmer