​​In order for the enrichment activities you provide for your horse to be effective, these activities must be designed to provide behavioral choices that give your horse a sense of control over its environment. Ideally, enrichment activities will also expand opportunities for your horse to respond/react/live in a manner similar to its wild counterparts. If we simply attempt to introduce random activities or toys, without a larger understanding of how/why they can help, we risk inadvertently creating greater stress in our horse’s life. Why? Because a horse is a horse, of course! This means horses are happiest when they have the freedom to express normal equine behaviors, not when they are asked to accommodate our ideas. Horses also tend to be afraid of new things and can easily become stressed by changes if they don't feel they have control over the proximity, duration or intensity of a newly introduced activity, idea or toy. 

An Equine Enrichment Consultation may be perfect for you if:

  • You feel your horse seems unhappy, stressed, bored, depressed, frustrated or lonely
  • Your horse is temporarily laid-up due to injury or other health problemsOR 
  • You spend a lot of time feeling worried about the mental, emotional and physical health of your horse

How it works:

The first step is to complete Kim's FREE online questionnaire. Just click the button below and you will be taken directly to the questionnaire. 

Once Kim receives your completed questionnaire, she will schedule a FREE 30-minute phone call to answer any questions you may have and to confirm that you and your horse are good candidates for her Equine Enrichment Consultation services. If so, you will have the opportunity to purchase the Introductory Consultation Package for $150. 

Kim's Equine Enrichment Consultations are based on the IAABC-approved course taught by Tara Gifford of Ohio Animal Training, LLC. Her goal is to help you understand the degree to which your horse may be struggling to cope with the challenges of its daily living environment, why, and what types of enrichment activities are most likely to help make his/her life less stressful. Kim will guide you in learning how to identify and introduce fun and simple opportunities, catered to YOUR horse’s specific situation, that will allow him greater freedom to participate in self-guided species-appropriate behaviors

Equine-Enrichment Consultations

Cultivating Happier Horses in Domestic Settings

Why Kim is uniquely qualified to help you and your horse:

  • She has more than 20 years of direct experience using operant conditioning to train horses. This means she understands how horses learn and think! She has also been trained in methods designed to help horses work through fear and aggression.
  • She recently completed the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) course on Equine Enrichment
  • She has been living with, and observing, horses for decades with a focus on creating a naturally enriching environment at her own farm that promotes optimal physical, mental and emotional health for her horses
  • She has been a lifelong advocate for the horse
  • She is a passionate student of ethology and has a clear understanding of the differences between how wild horses live and how domestic horses are kept. This insight informs all recommendations she makes!

Consultation Package

​Introductory Price of $150

  • 2-hour onsite assessment (or Zoom meeting if you aren't local)
  • Written report summarizing Kim's findings as well as her recommended enrichment strategies
  • A personal follow-up 2 weeks after the consultation to determine what's working and/or troubleshoot any issues​