This dynamic two-part workshop series has something for everyone, and everything for someone... especially those who are seeking a greater sense of inner balance.

Designed to draw on the opposing but complimentary energies of the sun and the moon, this series will surround you with the healing movement and grounding energies of yoga and horses. Awaken your curiosity, sooth your soul and re-center for the new year ahead!​​

Participants are encouraged to sign up for both sessions at the special combined rate of $79, but you also have the option of registering for just one (you pick!) for $59.

Pre-registration required | limited to 10 participants.

Part I: Awakening Your Inner Brilliance
Friday, December 6th
12:30 – 2:30pm 
This daytime workshop will draw on the symbolism of the Sun. We will explore the masculine energies of strength and power through an outdoor yoga asana practice followed by a period of reflection and guided herd observation. Just as the sun radiates its presence outwardly for all the world to see, we will join together with the horses of Unbridled in a powerful celebration and exploration of life, movement, vibrational energies and connection to the natural world. Caroline Brennan will offer a short yoga asana (posture) practice focusing on the surrender of the surya namaskara (sun salutation) sequence followed by a centering chanting meditation culminating in pranayama (energy/breath) exercise and meditation. Kim Hallin will lead you to a greater understanding and appreciation of (and connection with) horses through a centering guided herd observation.

​Your Guides for this Experience

Kim Hallin is the founder and lead facilitator at Unbridled. A naturally gifted personal guide, Kim is an expert at gently leading motivated adults toward greater inner peace, awareness and confidence. She believes every individual is born with an innate calling and that personal fulfillment can only be achieved when we heed our inner voice. In 2017, Kim intentionally parted with a 20-year career in higher education fundraising in order to pursue her lifelong dream of bringing horses and humans together, to heal and grow together. Her own journey of personal transformation through learning to live in authentic relationship with horses forms the basis of her approach to supporting others on their own journeys. Sharing openly about how horses woke her up to the ways she was holding herself back in her own adult life, Kim creates immediate trust and rapport with those she mentors. 

Lunar Light:

​Galloping Toward Greater Inner Balance

Led by Kim Hallin and Caroline Brennan

Unbridled, LLC in Charleston, SC

Part II: Releasing Your Inner Emotions
Wednesday, December 11th
5 – 7pm

This special moonlight workshop will draw on the symbolism of the Moon. We will gather under December's rising full moon, which is called the Long Nights Moon by some Native American tribes because it occurs near the winter solstice—the day with the least amount of daylight. During this session we will explore the feminine energies of gratitude and freedom as the horses of the Unbridled herd keep us grounded and connected with the earth. Just as the moon controls the tides and cleans the beaches, we will call on the feminine energies of the Universe to wash our souls clean and keep us mindful of all we have and all that is available to us. Caroline Brennan will offer a short yoga asana (posture) practice focusing on the elements of cultivation of chandra namaskara (moon salutation) sequence followed by a centering chanting meditation culminating in pranayama (energy/breath) exercise and mediation. Kim Hallin will guide the group in a full-moon ritual designed to increase inner gratitude and release energetic patterns that are no longer serving us well. The liminal powers of horses will help carry our intentions to the moon.

Caroline Brennan has been practicing and teaching mindfulness and yoga for over 20 years.  She has also been a school teacher for 8 years.  She started her yoga journey in 1998 on a ship sailing around the world- she was hooked as she saw yoga and meditation in full swing throughout the world. Caroline pursued her first yoga teacher training in Cleveland, OH at Ursaline College in 2003. After living and teaching in Cleveland and San Francisco, Caroline and her husband Mickey made their way to the east coast and landed in Charleston to open an organic, vegan and healthy restaurant.  After having two beautiful children and running the restaurant for over 10 years, Caroline felt drawn to another yoga teacher training. She completed the Natural Teacher Training in Mount Pleasant at Satsang Yoga in May of 2016. In addition to teaching adult yoga and meditation, Caroline volunteers and teaches health-related programs, kids yoga and mindfulness at various schools in the area. She feels so very grateful to be sharing what she has studied and practices!