Unbridled, LLC offers private sessions (for individuals or groups) and occasional public workshops that focus on the following skills (and more!)   

Listening: When spoken language is taken out of the equation, we have no choice but to learn to listen to what the horse is saying (via body language and behavior).  This powerful experience carries over into so many other areas of life.

Boundaries: Horses are masters at setting and maintaining effective boundaries, and they are always eager to teach us how to as well! This involves self-care, learning to speak the universal language of "yes" and "no", embracing vulnerability and getting in tune with what we want or need in any given moment.

Empathy:  When we learn to put our own agenda aside in order to understand how the horse is feeling in the moment… it becomes easier, and more natural, to embrace this strategy in other relationships.

Firm softness:  When we learn how to be soft in mind and body while still being clear and effective in our interactions with a horse, this awareness is easily transferred to other areas of life. 

Intention and Authenticity: When we realize the horse can read our intentions, there's no reason to do anything but  behave authentically.  From this experience we learn that honest relationships are so much more rewarding!

Presence: Horses live powerfully in the present moment.  When we interact with them we get to practice what this feels like, enabling us to carry that experience into other areas of our lives.

Trust:  When we can learn to trust a 1000lb animal, suddenly trusting other people becomes easier too.

Respect for Others:  Horses demand respect.  If they feel disrespected, they will choose not to interact.  And, because of their size they cannot be forced – at least not without constraints, which are not allowed in the work we do at Unbridled, LLC.

Being in Service to Others: The process of developing a meaningful relationship with a requires that we first demonstrate a willingness to be in service to them (i.e. supporting their emotional or physical needs).  Once horses know we are not “in it” purely for our own agenda, they will willingly reveal how they can be in service to us as well.

Energy Awareness:  Horses are incredibly sensitive to the energy we are emitting in any given moment.  Learning to interpret a horse's response to our energy is invaluable and provides unique opportunities to practice regulating the energy we are putting out into the world around us.

Fees:  When working with individual clients the fee for the first session (2-3 hrs) is $250 and includes a pre-session questionnaire, digital photographs and written feedback via email after the session.  Subsequent 1 hr sessions are $100 each.  Fees vary for workshops and corporate team sessions. Both can include a catered lunch for an extra fee.  If you are interested in sponsoring a session as a gift or for someone who may not otherwise be able to participate, let's talk!

Equine Assisted Learning

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