If you are yearning for a safe place and supportive community to help you through the sadness, fear and uncertainty of this transition...

If you are needing support and inspiration as you 

re-envision your path forward...

If you are looking for evidence that you and your horse(s) can be happy outside of traditional work/sport or highly managed boarding/training environments...

If you are seeking a community of others who are navigating (or have successfully navigated) this transition in their own lives...

"Dismounting Gracefully" is here for you.

Join us as we support one another in moving through the temporary sense of lost identity... and boldly forge new ones.
Join us as we work through our resentments around aging, illness, injury and/or other circumstances beyond our control.

Join us as we summon the courage to embrace new opportunities, and seek positive transformation. 
Join us as we call on our inner wisdom and connect with that of our horses. 

Unbridled is excited to announce a new online membership program exclusively for equestrians of all ages and disciplines who are giving up riding (voluntarily or involuntarily, temporarily or permanently).

Launching in January 2020!

We're here to help you redefine your relationship with horses, on your terms. 

Sign Up Here if You Would Like to Be Included on the Official Launch Announcement in December!