Join Kim and the Unbridled herd on a virtual journey and learning experience like no other,

designed to transform the way you think about leadership and managing change!

Sit back in the comfort of your own home as you watch the unfolding journey of five special horses as they learn to embrace unexpected change and a big transition in their lives and community. Enjoy and reflect on the thought-provoking narrative (and discussion questions) provided by Kim. Your eyes and heart will open in new ways, leading you to a profound new awareness of the deeply complex nature and social structures, leadership and community change.

The individual and communal behaviors of the horses (as well as Kim's own decisions and role in the herd) provide powerful metaphors that help participants reflect on, and answer,

important questions including:

What is the best way to introduce myself (or others) to a new community, family, group or workplace?

How can I effectively support others during family or workplace transitions (especially in regard to changes in membership)?

What is my role, and what are my responsibilities, as a leader and/or team member during important transitions?
How can we use transitions as an opportunity to cultivate presence, creativity, adaptability and teamwork?

What is the best way to deal with conflict, personality differences or dysfunctional dynamics in a group that needs to thrive together?

How can we nurture mindfulness and a greater ability to identify opportunities or troubleshoot issues as they arise?

Why is it important to step back and see the larger picture of what's happening in the moment?

Change is the Only Constant

"Kim Hallin's support as the facilitator for this online program is amazing! Her comments are honest, kind, respectful and helpful  in guiding us forward. Also, the open sharing among the group not only helps us really get to know each other but it has also helped me get to know myself better!"​ 

- Current Student