Mission & Purpose

Unbridled, LLC in Charleston, SC

Are YOU ready to step off the treadmill and onto YOUR authentic path forward?

At Unbridled, LLC I help everyday people (including equestrians!) step off the treadmill and onto their authentic path forward in life. In everything I do, I honor the horse as an infinitely intuitive being and teacher.

I believe the greatest challenge facing humanity today is that we have become disassociated from our own natural instincts and the world around us. We have forgotten how to develop empathy and self control, how to behave authentically, how to trust, how to set effective boundaries, how to listen, how to respect one another and ourselves, how to be vulnerable without feeling defensive, how to stay present in the moment even during extreme situations, how to be strong without being aggressive, how to communicate effectively, how to be compassionate and accepting while still holding ourselves and others accountable, how to collaborate and share strengths, how to embody our intentions, how to accept/embrace change without fear and how to develop charisma, bravery, poise, focus, endurance and conviction.

Horses are masters at all of these things and can teach us – both through their example while living in herds and through their responses to our own behaviors and energy when we interact with them – how to reconnect with these essential survival and leadership characteristics. Results being achieved in a wide variety of settings across the country (and globe) through the emerging field of equine-assisted learning/therapy provide striking evidence that interacting thoughtfully, and especially the practice of building trusting relationships with horses on their terms, can dramatically increase the emotional intelligence and mental/physical well-being of humans as well as our ability to develop more effective relationships with one another.

Join me on the journey of a lifetime!

-Kim Hallin