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Kim's patrons are a very special group of humans who:

  • are supporting her as she focuses on the creative process of writing, editing and publishing her first book.
  • are getting insider early access to powerful concepts and action-steps as she develops them (as well as Kim's personal guidance on developing strategies to begin implementing the concepts in their own lives before the book is even published!)
  • are providing feedback and input on draft materials to help shape how Kim will present the information in the book. 
  • get bonus access to video clips, photographs and live links that will never be available through the book to help illustrate concepts and bring home lessons directly from the horses!

Can you imagine the possibilities when humanity chooses to re-align with the natural world? Can you envision the profound shift in our earthly experience that will occur when more humans begin to tap into collective higher wisdom? Would you like to experience how Kim connects with horses to receive profoundly powerful guidance that is helping to bring this vision to life? Are you eager to discover how you can add your own energy to this collective effort? Become a "pay what you can" patron today and receive:

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  • Beautiful, inspirational photography showcasing the natural lives of Kim's horses;
  • Thought-provoking video footage of horse/herd behavior (and other aspects of the natural world being NATURAL);
  • Exclusive invitations to participate in "Conversations with Kim" (small-group live video discussions around pivotal topics);
  • Kim's steady presence and guidance in your life during these unsteady times.

Choose from a wide range of "pay what you can" and "pay it forward" membership levels. Kim never wants money to be an obstacle for anyone who wants to embark on this shared journey. If you are able to offer support at one of the higher levels, please do, knowing you are 'paying it forward' for others who may be on a tighter budget but who still have valuable gifts and insights to contribute to the community experience. If everyone gives from a shared mindset of abundance, the collective synergy will bring forth unparalleled abundance in return for all of us. This is the business model of human transformation!