Hi, I'm Kim. I'm a perfectly imperfect mentor and guide. I support those who long for authenticity and who crave the courage to live life congruently, inside and out. I hold vast and sacred spaces for wide-open exploration, growth and healing. I'm big on the magic of POSSIBILITY and will help you step into your full POTENTIAL. I value imperfection, embrace mistake-making, encourage wrong turns, cherish wounded-ness and love supporting a wide range of beautiful voices that need to be seen and heard in the world. 

I believe that healthy community restores energy, creates balance and promotes wellness. My experience has been that recognizing, honoring and loving the sacred self is what creates room to see, respect and value the sacredness in others. I believe the secret to living well lies in unbridling ourselves from outside expectations and limiting beliefs. This "unbridling" is the transformation I offer to those who accept the invitation to travel with me - whether it be for a day, for a few months or for many years. The duration of our mentoring relationship, and the depth of your personal transformation, are ultimately driven by you... because I can never be more than half of the equation. 

Each of us are born with perfect potential.

My promise is to help you set that potential FREE!

The potent magic and medicine my horses and I offer is not for everyone. The spaces and places I make time for are not to be stepped into lightly. Those who enter will be expected to bring your wounded-ness. I will honor your battle scars; they carry essential wisdom. You will be asked to drop agendas and expectations at the door (or gate). My world is a place of wonder and unstructured exploration. I will do my best to meet you where you are, but I promise we won't stay there long. 

Horse wisdom requires movement. 

It's the dance of life itself. 

If these words resonate, your healing herd awaits. Choose your point of entry.

I'm Kim Hallin.​

Unapologetically authentic.

Conduit of horse wisdom.

Seer of the typically unseen.

Spinner of unbridled magic.

​Worshipper of Mother Earth.

Want to learn more about me and why I do this work? ​

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