Currently Scheduled Class Offerings: 
You will be asked to select your date during the online registration process (link above or below). Each class runs from 9am until 3pm.

$150 per participant|Pre-registration required

Tuesday, March 10 

Wednesday, March 18 

Saturday, March 21

Sunday, March 29 

Saturday, April 4 

Note: all classes are limited to 5 participants to ensure an intimate, interactive learning experience. In order to keep the cost reasonable, participants are asked to bring your own lunch or snacks. Bottled water and coffee (in the morning) will be provided.

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What topics will be covered?

Because these classes are designed to be interactive and personalized for each small group, the specific topics of discussion (and how deeply we go into each of them) may vary. But, here is a list of the key topics I am most excited to talk about during each offering of this class:

  1. How is equine vision different from human vision?
  2. How much exercise do horses REALLY need to be healthy?
  3. How much R.E.M. sleep do horses need and how do they get it?
  4. How does riding actually affect a horse's body (especially over time)?
  5. What causes aggression and dominance behavior in horses?
  6. How important is it for horses to have long-term, stable friendships?
  7. How much hay does a horse really need and what kind of forage is best?
  8. Why is pasture board better for most horses than stall board?
  9. Why do horses develop vices like cribbing and weaving?
  10. How do horses communicate with one another and us?
  11. How hard is it to interpret what horses are trying to communicate?
  12. Is it really possible for every horse to successfully transition to barefoot?
  13. What is the most effective way to build trust and rapport with a horse?
  14. How can I determine if my horse's issues are physical or emotional?
  15. Hoe do clipping and blanketing affect a horse's ability to self-regulate body temperature? 


All classes will be held at Unbridled in Ravenel, SC

and will run from 9:00am until 3:00pm

Note: If you are interested in having me come teach this class at YOUR farm,

please contact me privately at

Only 5 Spots Available

in each Class!

A Horse is a Horse (of course)!

Registration is now OPEN for five offerings of this new class in March/April 2020

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The purpose of this unique experiential learning class is to share the top 15 things about horses that I wish SOMEONE (anyone!) in the horse industry had taught me. I've always had a passion for looking beyond the surface and seeking a deeper understanding about equine behavior. Through this class I'm excited to share some of the most important things I've spent a lifetime learning (often the hard way)!

I partner with my herd to teach this class because experiential learning is, by far, the most powerful (and fun!) way to take in and process the information. The classes are open to anyone who has the desire and courage to approach your relationships with (or love for) horses from a place of deep understanding and empathy.  ​The students who invest time and money in this learning experience are those who recognize that the answers we seek simply cannot be found within the existing offerings (and mindset) of the traditional horse industry.