What is the magic at play between

horses and humans at Unbridled? 

Like humans, horses often struggle to cope with the relentless expectations and stressors placed on them in the domestic world. Horses rarely have the opportunity to live in relationship with humans without the expectation that they serve as beasts of burden, sport or hobby. And humans rarely have the opportunity to interact with horses without the expectation that we should to be in control of the dynamics.

The process of becoming unbridled involves an intentional disentangling from the webs of external pressure, expectation, judgement and labeling as well as internal insecurity, anxiety, fear and self-doubt.

The Unbridled farm is an unusual place. The horses who live here have no job except to be true to themselves and to their own nature. The humans who visit have no responsibility other than to learn how to honor the horses, themselves and one another for who and what we each are. In the quiet space that accompanies this type of authenticity, a deep and humbling recognition emerges: 

                                                                                                   We are all one. 

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When humans are given permission to practice relating authentically to horses as fellow sentient beings,

we start to remember who WE were born to be too.