Rarely do our two species have the opportunity to live and learn together in shared wonder and exploration. So much is possible, readily available and deeply healing when we spend time organically with horses in their natural state. Participants at Unbridled have the rare opportunity to interact authentically with a small herd of horses, in a fun, safe and creatively guided way. Unbridling ourselves from the webs of human tradition, culture and systemic norms is incredibly liberating!

The Unbridled farm is an unusual place.

The horses here have no job except to be true to themselves and to their innate nature. The humans who visit (or join) our herd have no responsibility other than to remember how to honor the horses, ourselves and all sentient beings as the magically inter-dependent life forms we were born to be. 

Horse and humans alike are struggling to cope with the expectations and stressors placed on us in today's world.

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